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NATO Workshop: countering violent extremism among youth to prevent terrorism

Catholic University of Milan in co-operation with the Al-Ahram Center for political and strategic studies (ACPSS) of Cairo origanized the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme Advanced Research Workshop: Countering violent extremism  among youthto prevent terrorism. held on 10-13 June 2014 at ASERI in Milan.

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Pakistani women and jihad: a new dangerous trend – by Maria Alvanou

Pakistani women and jihad: a new dangerous trend by Maria Alvanou – The recent suicide attack and bombing against the return of Benazir Bhutto have brought Pakistan in the spotlight. Unfortunately this tragic incident highlights the radicalization process taking place in the country. What is quite surprisingly is that the jihadi socialization mechanisms have started to include women too. Radicalized women in Pakistan are increasingly being used by jihadist groups to promote their extremist cause. This year, women from the Jamia Hafsa seminary wearing burqas protested in front of the Lal Masjid (the “Red Mosque”, known for training and funding the holy warriors of the Afghan jihad), seem to be the off start of an alarming and dangerous trend.

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Il Sesto Anniversario del Nine Eleven e il ritorno di Osama Bin Laden? – by Marco Lombardi

Come ci si poteva aspettare la campagna mediatica per il Sesto Anniversario del Nine Eleven è puntualmente cominciata: un trailer di annuncio del video prossimo proprio con Osama starring (trailer che viene diffuso dai media occidentali per la consueta pubblicità); il video di 26 minuti e 27 secondi intitolato “The Solution” per il 7 settembre e, ancora oggi 11 settembre, un nuovo regalo di Osama, che ci partecipa il testamento di uno dei kamikaze al WTC: tal Abi Masa’ab Walid al Shahri.

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Left wing terrorist groups in European countries: a threat still alive – by Maria Alvanou

Fighting global terrorism is considered to be on the highest place in the agenda of the EU security decision makers and authority officials. European countries, especially after the Madrid and London attacks are struggling to prevent and thwart operations of this huge terror magnitude, sponsored by Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. Yet, it is not true that the security problem for EU countries emerges only from ‘outside inspiration’ and only from the Jihadi menace. In fact domestic, ‘traditional’ left wing terrorist groups do continue to pose a security threat.

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