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Daesh terrorist activity in Israel: palestinian limitations – by Maria Alvanou

Israel has been battling with operational methods like suicide bombings, car ramming and knife stabbings against its citizens for years now. During the second Intifada male and female suicide bombers left their deadly mark, while during the present so called “third Intifada” knife attacks spread death and injury. Long before Europeans mourned for attacks like in the Manchester concert with adolescent victims, Israel had to bury teenagers who frequented the Dolphinarium discotheque in Tel Aviv after a suicide bombin. Continue reading


“Fire Intifada” in Israel? Why it matters for Europe and the rest of the world – by  Maria Chr. Alvanou

Israel has declared state of emergency as the country is in flames and cities like Haifa face imminent danger due to wildfire[1]. About 80,000 people have been asked to evacuate their homes and flee to save their lives[2], while their property is in danger of perishing in raging flames. Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey[3] have sent special firefighting aircrafts to help Israeli authorities cope with the situation. Continue reading