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9/11 remembrance: research reflections for security – by Maria Alvanou

The first years after the 9/11 attack were used to wage war against Al Qaeda in what seemed to be a US affair. Soon it became evident that Europe was also under threat and while european countries never adopted a direct, clear military approach to countering terrorism, they did take measures and adopted polices that challenged longstanding principles of human rights and liberties. Continue reading


Cyber Jihad and Terrorism Financing: New Methods – Old Rules – by Daniele Maria Barone

On July this year, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published a report addressed to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors, summarizing the latest development in anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing (TF) and drawing a short term work program in these fields[i]. Continue reading


3D printed guns: From “state to art” to “diy” terrorist and criminal mentality – by Maria Alvanou

In 2015, Hong Kong authorities arrested members of a terrorist group planning to attack the city. The big news was that they allegedly tried to modify airsoft guns with a 3D printer[1]. Today, of the most circulating news regards the ban by an american federal judge on sharing gun blue prints on the web[2]. Continue reading


Terrorismo Biologico: strategia comunicativa o reale minaccia? – by Nicolò Spagna

Il gruppo autonomo Abdullah al-Faqeer ideologicamente affiliato al califfato ha iniziato la diffusione di materiale propagandistico su Telegram che persegue il filone narrativo del bio-terrorismo. Il video diffuso nell’ultima settimana invita i supporter del califfato in tutto il mondo a sostenere la jihad adottando una nuova arma: le epidemie. Continue reading


Coordinated Terrorist Attacks in Canada? – by Angelo Raimondo

On the evening of July 22nd, 2018 a gunman identified as 29 year-old Faisal Hussein, opened fire targeting innocent civilians in a busy area known as Greektown on Danforth street in Toronto, Ontario. This incident left 13 injured and 3 dead, including the gunman. The following day, in Ottawa, a man identified as 24 year-old Jesse Mooney, was arrested on a busy Parliament Hill after an altercation with officials during the popular Changing of the Guard ceremony.   Continue reading