IDRA – Itstime for Resilience

IDRA: I tstime D isaster R esilience A action

Itstime for Resilience

Resilience is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional concept.

In the last decades it has been also studied within the framework of human, social, anthropological sciences and disaster studies.

Itstime for Resilience is a permanent and long term project aimed at conducting researches and studies in order to achieve a better understanding of the social dynamics occurring in time of crisis, emergency, disaster and terrorism.

This project covers multiple disaster scenarios, family and community approaches, organizational perspectives in term of business continuity, risk perception, crisis management, disaster recovery planning for the critical infrastructural sector, with a specific focus on communication attitudes, vulnerability and resilience assessments.

Other topics consist of urban and environmental resilience aimed at promoting best practices for prevention and security.

Further, the current threats of terrorism and extremisms are addressed through the sociological and crisis management perspectives. This approach contributes to terrorism analysis, taking into account the sociological discourse and its applied approach related to crisis communication, emergency and disaster management, where the resilience concept and its indicators play an essential role in leading the social analysis on the terrorism phenomena.

The sociological theories, their topics and issues can support the analysis of terrorism, considering the social impact and effects that a terrorist act provokes, interpreting the social behaviors and dynamics of the population affected by the terrorist attacks and of the terrorists themselves.

In the same way, Itstime for Resilience can provide a deep insight into the relationships, social bonds and social interactions among public institutions, law enforcement agencies, the population at risk, security agencies and criminals.

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