MAPPING TERRORGRAM is a project conducted by ITSTIME in order to study, investigate, analyse and map the online extremist phenomenon known as Terrorgram. The techniques involved in this operation are the following:

  • Digital Ethnography combined with OSINT/SOCMINT
  • Content analysis of propaganda materials
  • Data scraping of Telegram chats and channels 
  • Social Network Analysis with graphic representation
  • Semantic analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of images

Objective of the operation: study the extremist community, understand its functioning, and develop effective counter-strategies.

Think Terrorist.


  1. Terrorgram status dashboard (09/11/2022) after the countermeasures implemented by Telegram, in response to the HARD-RESET publication. The dashboard is composed of 5 sections: 
  • Definition of Terrorgram and a visual insight of its main propaganda production
  • Social network analysis of the Terrorgram’s channels core (every channel is identified with a code)
  • Top domain shared inside the Terrogram 
  • Top domain shared inside the Terrogram with the timeline
  • Languages detection