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Social bots and synthetic interactions to stage digital extremist armies (part 3) – by Daniele M. Barone

According to a report by GNET, while Daesh (and jihadist groups in general) relied heavily on bot technology, racially and ethnically motivated violent extremist networks have so far refrained from widespread bot usage, mostly because of their different objectives and the more permissive online environment in which they operate.[i]  Nevertheless, far-right or conspiracy groups’ use of social bots can still highlight further communication branches in which AI can be exploited. Continue reading


Covid 19 and related violence: the example of 5G attacks –  by Maria Alvanou and Barbara Lucini

As the medical world is fighting the novel Coronavirus, it is not only the disease of COVID 19 that is raising concern. Along with human health, it is also the health of society endangered. Violence related to the outbreak of SARS–CoV-2 is one of the problems officials have to address and a basic example is attacks against 5G towers. Continue reading


Akbar al-Muslimin, Kybernetiq, and ZeroNet. The Modern and Privacy-Centric Electronic-Jihad – by Daniele Maria Barone

Years of clandestine communications, first through newspapers or radio and then by exploiting online tools and media as a sounding board, have highlighted Islamic terrorism peculiarity of adapting to new means of communication to make propaganda, raise money, and keep in contact with each others[i]. Continue reading


Hamas crowdfunding bitcoin: legitimizing cryptocurrencies from a jihadist perspective – by Daniele Maria Barone

On January 29, 2019, Abu Obeida, the spokesman for Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, the armed wing of the Hamas, announced that the group is now accepting donations in bitcoin[i]. An attempt to get around international restrictions on funding the organization, by circumventing the banking system and international anti-money laundering (AML) measures. Continue reading


Europol – Internet Organized Cyber Crime Threat Assessment 2018: new trends in the obscure sides of FinTech – by Daniele Maria Barone

The latest report of Europol on Internet Organized Cyber Crime (IOCTA 2018)[i] stresses, among other issues, the weak points that modern financial tools and a lack of either an up-to-date legal framework or cooperation among institutions and the private sector, brings to the cybercrime field. Continue reading


Cyber Jihad and Terrorism Financing: New Methods – Old Rules – by Daniele Maria Barone

On July this year, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published a report addressed to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors, summarizing the latest development in anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing (TF) and drawing a short term work program in these fields[i]. Continue reading


3D printed guns: From “state to art” to “diy” terrorist and criminal mentality – by Maria Alvanou

In 2015, Hong Kong authorities arrested members of a terrorist group planning to attack the city. The big news was that they allegedly tried to modify airsoft guns with a 3D printer[1]. Today, of the most circulating news regards the ban by an american federal judge on sharing gun blue prints on the web[2]. Continue reading


Contemporary Measures to Counter the Misuse of Cryptocurrencies – by Daniele Maria Barone

As pointed out during the International Conference on terrorism financing “No Money for Terror” held in Paris the 25-26th of April 2018, which has gathered Ministers from 80 countries and nearly 500 experts, a growing number of States is criminalizing terrorism financing as a standalone offense but the number of terrorism-financing cases being successfully prosecuted by UN Member States’ judicial systems is still limited, due to the difficulty of proving the intent that the funds would be used for terrorism purposes[i]. Continue reading