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CounteR – uno strumento innovativo per rilevare contenuti online radicali

Si è concluso con successo il progetto triennale CounteR, finanziato attraverso Horizon 2020, il programma di ricerca e innovazione dell’UE. Il 30 aprile 2024 segna il completamento formale del progetto CounteR – Countering radicalisation for a safer world: privacy-first situational awareness platform for violent terrorism and crime prediction, counter radicalisation and citizen protection.

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CounteR Project Newsletter’s Issue #6

CounteR Project Newsletter’s Issue #6 is now released and its full text is available here.
The spring edition marks CounteR’s successful entering into the third year of project implementation and provides insights from the fourth consortium meeting, held in Toulouse – France. In Issue #6, we continue presenting the scientific publications, authored by consortium members. Notably, ICON’s CEO Ian Castillo gives a special interview, in which he talks about CounteR’s scientific and technological advantages that contribute to making Europe a safer place.
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The previous issues of the CounteR newsletter can be found here: Issue #5Issue #4, Issue #3, Issue #2, and Issue #1.
Thе CounteR Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101021607. 


TRIVALENT – Terrorism pReventIon Via rAdicaLisation countEr-NarraTive

TRIVALENT is a three years EU funded project which aims to a better understanding of root causes of the phenomenon of violent radicalisation in Europe in order to develop appropriate countermeasures, ranging from early detection methodologies to techniques of counter-narrative. ITSTIME is part of the Consortium. Continue reading


Socializzazione resiliente, terrorismo e movimenti antagonisti – by Barbara Lucini

Durante queste ultimi giorni, alcuni fatti meritano un’attenzione particolare, in quanto da essi emerge chiaramente il ruolo finora sottovalutato della sociologia e dell’analisi che essa può offrire, per l’interpretazione e la valutazione di fenomeni terroristici o ad essi associati. La sociologia in particolare permette di comprendere processi sociali tipici come la socializzazione in connessione con le attività terroristiche e gli ambienti sociali e geografici dove esse si sviluppano. Continue reading


Smart Ciber, a project co-funded by the European Union program CIPS

System of Maps Assessing Risk of Terrorism against Critical Infrastructures in Big Events Rallies.

ITSTIME is partner of Smart Ciber, a project co-funded by the European Union program CIPS, has as its goal the prevention and reduction of terrorism risks and all other risks related to the safety sector. It aims to improve the terrorist risk assessment at the expense of critical infrastructures in metropolitan areas, paying special attention to mega-events. Starting from the experiences of four European countries (Italy, Nederland, Hungary and Bulgaria), the project aims to develop a model through a software which operates in a network for an “Integrated Risk-Map Against Terrorism Issue”. This system will reveal the level of “Risk” and its location in real time through the intersection of several pre-defined risk-indicators.

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