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9/11 remembrance: research reflections for security – by Maria Alvanou

The first years after the 9/11 attack were used to wage war against Al Qaeda in what seemed to be a US affair. Soon it became evident that Europe was also under threat and while european countries never adopted a direct, clear military approach to countering terrorism, they did take measures and adopted polices that challenged longstanding principles of human rights and liberties. Continue reading


Verso un nuovo Stato Islamico? La recente riorganizzazione del “califfato” in tre direttrici – by Daniele Plebani

Alcune iniziative messe in atto da Stato Islamico nelle ultime settimane potrebbero indicare l’alba di una nuova fase per il gruppo terroristico. Tre episodi in particolare sembrano suggerire una riorganizzazione generale in atto nel “califfato”: Continue reading