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Terror in Vienna: a risk assessment perspective – by Jörg Peschak

On the night before the second lockdown on November 2nd, 2020 at 8 pm, Austria’s capital was hit by a terrorist attack. On the macrolevel, it is the latest of a series of events that began in France with the republication of the caricatures of Charly Hebdo followed by the beheading of a teacher for showing the caricatures and an attack on people at the cathedral in Nice. Now the scene moved to Vienna. But why Austria? Could it have been prevented? Continue reading


Terrorismo islamista: Francia sotto pressione – by G. Giacalone, M. Lombardi, M. Maiolino

La linea del tempo

La barbara uccisione del docente di educazione civica, Samuel Paty, mostra una serie di fattori dei quali non si può non tener conto se si vuole andare oltre cronache e sensazionalismi per capire in che direzione si sta evolvendo il terrorismo di stampo islamista in Europa e in particolare in Francia. Continue reading


Three generations of jihadist preachers in Italy compared – by Alessandro Boncio

Introduction. The period of jihadi terrorism that Western countries are experiencing currently, could be labelled as a moment of reshaping and transformation. Following the collapse of its Syrian-Iraqi creature, ISIS is repositioning itself physically and ideologically; at the same time, al-Qa’ida linked groups are constantly strengthening its files and ranks, still strong of its cultural appeal[2]. Continue reading


COVID-19: lo Stato Islamico rilancia. Propaganda e minacce ai tempi dell’infodemic -by Daniele Plebani

We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic. Fake news spreads faster and more easily than this virus, and is just as dangerous.  – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Direttore Generale dell’OMS[1]  [The] fear of the epidemic among them has done more than what the epidemic itself has done– al-Naba 226[2] Continue reading


The institutional symmetry of an asymmetric conflict. A State – State rivalry throughout Daesh’s widespread storytelling – by Daniele M. Barone

To date, Daesh has been dismantled, deprived of credibility, and with no remaining strong leadership but still up and unpredictable. The latest release, a few days ago, of its first piece since January 2019 from foreign language media al-Hayat named “The People of Zeal and Bravery”[i], the inclusivity shown by the organization in the Sahel[ii], and the shift of the group’s online followers to decentralized chat rooms after the Referral Action Days operation by EUROPOL on Telegram[iii] it’s a warning on the uselessness of kinetic actions taken against the group. Continue reading