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Earthquake in Turkey: natural disasters from a security perspective – by Maria Alvanou

The recent earthquake in Turkey has created a wave of international sympathy, with people sending help from countries all over the world. Greece, a country whose relations with Turkey have been characterized by longstanding (and recently escalating) tension, was one of the first to send help and this may better the situation between the two countries[1]. At the same time inside Turkey, everyday people but also celebrities are showing solidarity[2]. Continue reading


Terror in Vienna: a risk assessment perspective – by Jörg Peschak

On the night before the second lockdown on November 2nd, 2020 at 8 pm, Austria’s capital was hit by a terrorist attack. On the macrolevel, it is the latest of a series of events that began in France with the republication of the caricatures of Charly Hebdo followed by the beheading of a teacher for showing the caricatures and an attack on people at the cathedral in Nice. Now the scene moved to Vienna. But why Austria? Could it have been prevented? Continue reading


Hagia Sophia: Security aspects and repercussions – by Maria Chr. Alvanou 

While the international discussion about the reasons Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque is mostly about his political domestic strategy (e.g. rallying his followers, making up for a collapsing economy etc), there are also significant security issues to be taken into account. Continue reading


Turbolenze balcaniche e spinte turche in salsa jihadista – by Giovanni Giacalone

L’area balcanica continua ad essere al centro di forti tensioni etniche che rischiano di venire a loro volta strumentalizzate da strategie internazionali che vedono nella Turchia di Erdogan un possibile regista. Ma andiamo con ordine e partiamo da qualche dinamica interna ad alcuni Paesi balcanici che stanno attraversando fasi non proprio semplici. Continue reading


The new Istanbul attack: Counter-terrorism options and dilemmas  for Turkey – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

The Saturday night dual blast in Istanbul came as a tragic reminder that Turkey’s internal problems are a constant source for violent threats. Despite Daesh rhetoric, what really troubles the country is the terror activity perpetrated by Kurdish groups. From an operational point of view the methodology used tells us nothing new about how Kurdish groups carry out attacks. Continue reading


Attempted Coup in Turkey: Implications from a European perspective – by Maria Alvanou

There is strong international interest about the attempted coup that took place in Turkey on July 15th, Friday night. While many analysts examine the operational reasons that led to failure, the coup attempt itself is also of interest. There are implications for European policy that should be under consideration. They have to do not only with the possible future of Turkey inside the EU family, but also with how European countries will deal with matters of legal aftermath. Continue reading


Attack at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul: a first comment (Attacco a Istanbul) – by Maria. Chr. Alvanou

The double suicide attack tonight at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul came unfortunately as no surprise to those dealing with the assessment of terrorist threats. For months now governments all over the world have put a raised travel advisory on Turkey, because of recent attacks in Istanbul and Ankara. It is a tragedy expected in the campaign of terror that has started for some time now in the country. Continue reading