Islamic State Propaganda, Following the Content – by F.Borgonovo, S. Lucini, M. Lakomy

From 2019 to the present, the Islamic State’s digital ecosystem has undergone a dramatic evolution. Within the timeframe of 2021 to 2023, new players have come onto the scene, offering specialized translation services, while others have fortified the infrastructure for online dissemination, making it more robust against attempts to disrupt their activities.

The infographic uses arrows to depict the flow of IS’s propaganda content through various channels, highlighting how different actors process and amplify the message. Detailed in the infographic’s lower part is the strategic focus of operations carried out by bottlenecks, multi-role media houses, translators, and disseminators, pinpointing areas where their propaganda efforts yield the most significant impact. This concerted effort ensures that the propaganda not only reaches a wider audience but does so in a manner that maximizes its influence and resilience.