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Towards a more progressive approach to studying the Salafi-Jihadi movement – by Ali Fisher

The ongoing struggle against the Salafi-Jihadi movement will require reflection on multiple levels to achieve a genuinely progressive and evidence-based approach. This reflection will focus on developing an authentic understanding of:

  • Their core purpose – their theology expressed in hundreds of thousands of pages of text, along with days of audio and video content.
  • The strategic communication approaches which underpin their da’wa; the missionary work often referred to by Western research as recruitment or radicalization. Such understanding will include how Salafi-Jihadi groups exploit the internet for strategic communication.
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Belarusian Cyber-Partisans e il Ransomware come strumento di guerra ibrida – by Marco Zaliani

Il 2022 è iniziato con un riacutizzarsi delle tensioni tra Russia e Ucraina. Tensioni iniziate nel 2014 con l’annessione della Crimea da parte della Russia e che, in questi giorni, stanno vivendo un nuovo impeto a seguito dell’ammassarsi di truppe russe proprio al confine tra i due stati. Continue reading


Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem Call for Bitcoin to “Equip a Fighter” in Gaza – by Daniele M. Barone

On May 7, for the third consecutive year, a renewed bitcoin crowdfunding campaign surfaced on al-Raya foundation’s Telegram channel, the media outlet of the Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem, a pro-al Qaeda jihadist organization operating in the Gaza Strip.[i] Continue reading


La sicurezza nella dimensione cinetica del cyberspace. Una nuova “architettura difensiva” per il sistema Italia – by Francesco Balucani

 L’avvento e la diffusione globale delle tecnologie informatiche hanno imposto l’elaborazione di complesse e sofisticate dottrine di cybersecurity da parte degli Stati nazione, al fine di assicurare la sicurezza nazionale nella cosiddetta quinta dimensione della conflittualità. Continue reading


Europol – Internet Organized Cyber Crime Threat Assessment 2018: new trends in the obscure sides of FinTech – by Daniele Maria Barone

The latest report of Europol on Internet Organized Cyber Crime (IOCTA 2018)[i] stresses, among other issues, the weak points that modern financial tools and a lack of either an up-to-date legal framework or cooperation among institutions and the private sector, brings to the cybercrime field. Continue reading