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Threat Assessment for Sensitive Buildings against Terrorism in urban environments – by Tiziano Li Piani

The built heritage of European cities is exposed to various hazards of different nature – natural events such as floods or earthquakes but also man-made threats. The escalation of terrorist attacks conducted in urban environments against soft targets necessitates the development of guidelines for the antiterrorism design of buildings and public spaces. Continue reading

Hagia Sophia: Security aspects and repercussions – by Maria Chr. Alvanou 

While the international discussion about the reasons Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque is mostly about his political domestic strategy (e.g. rallying his followers, making up for a collapsing economy etc), there are also significant security issues to be taken into account. Continue reading


Giacalone nell’Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism

Giovanni Giacalone di Itstime è entrato a far parte dello Europe Desk (Italy) del think-tank britannico di contro-terrorismo Islamic Theology of Counter-Terrorism-ITCT quale analista per l’estremismo islamista e il jihadismo in Italia

The Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism (ITCT) is a UK-based Counter Islamist Terrorism think tank. ITCT is a non-political and non-profitable organisation. There is not a single organisation that specifically counters the narratives of Islamist terrorism by using the tools of Islamic Theology. Our aim is not only to counter the menace of Islamist Terrorism but also to educate misguided Muslims who are leaning towards Islamist extremism.


Three generations of jihadist preachers in Italy compared – by Alessandro Boncio

Introduction. The period of jihadi terrorism that Western countries are experiencing currently, could be labelled as a moment of reshaping and transformation. Following the collapse of its Syrian-Iraqi creature, ISIS is repositioning itself physically and ideologically; at the same time, al-Qa’ida linked groups are constantly strengthening its files and ranks, still strong of its cultural appeal[2]. Continue reading


U.S. riots and police brutality: responding to a homeland security threat – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

Throughout the U.S. there is turmoil due to the death of George Floyd, attributed to the murderous act of a police officer, already arrested and charged. Reactions have ranged from peaceful demonstrations to serious riots in several cities. Events like burning down police stations and vehicles, as well as vandalisms, looting, clashes with law enforcement, etc have created the background for violence connected with further loss of lives. Continue reading


COVID-19. SARS-Co-V–2: vita quotidiana – by Federico Lunardi

Prima togliere anelli e orologio, lavare le mani, vestire i calzari (un paio basta ma due è meglio), indossare primo paio di guanti, vestire camice o, meglio, tuta di materiale particolare, se possibile bucare a livello del pollice in modo da agganciare la tuta, indossare la maschera (FFP3), vestire camice monouso e mascherina chirurgica, occhiali o copri occhi, secondo paio di guanti. Continue reading