New book by Beatrice Nicolini: The End of the Borders, Centro di Cultura Italia-Asia “Guglielmo Scalise”, 2015. In this collection of essays, we believe that an inward looking to the, true, identity of Asian and African groups and tribes, essentially a cultural identity regardless of political boundaries, could ease new, and more empathic approaches to the study of their roles throughout the broader Indian Ocean region. The following essays are “crossing” from north to south an imaginary journey from the lands of South Central Asia to the shores in front of the Persian/Arab Gulf, than “sailing” thank to the monsoon winds to the Horn of Africa, and crossing the complex piracy issue to reach the Nile. It’s a “journey” that could be read through the opposite direction, methodologically reaching more than one region and more than one topic, while all of them are deeply interdisciplinary. Content: The Baloch in the Persian/Arab Gulf Region, Beatrice Nicolini; Inside political borders in the Horn of Africa: Statehood bubbles, Vittoria Gemelli; Piracy as a transnational threat in the Horn of Africa, Martino Sacchi; Who owns the Nile?, Paolo Furno Marchese