La vendetta degli anti-ISIS: il video – by Alessandro Burato

Il video, rilasciato due giorni fa dai miliziani anti-ISIS ma che è diventato virale sui Social ieri, si inserisce nel solco, e nella retorica, sia oratoria che cinematografica, utilizzata dai combattenti IS per raccontare le loro carneficine. Tute arancio, sfilate prima della fucilazione, catene ai polsi e ai piedi, armi imbracciate. Tutto quasi uguale, ad eccezione che le parti si sono rovesciate in questo film “parodia” delle brutali esecuzioni: l’arancio è in piedi, il nero a terra, in una pozza di sangue.

Bianco e nero: la scena si apre con le armi posizionate a terra dove avverrà l’esecuzione, preludio del finale del video. I carnefici, raccolgono da terra i fucili, come i loro omologhi avevano fatto con i coltellacci usati per sgozzare le proprie vittime da una cesta. Il rovesciamento delle parti non si comprende ancora a questo punto del video.

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Di seguito vengono riportati alcune delle parti che nel video, parlato e sottotitolato in arabo, vengono anche tradotte in inglese:

Commenting on the recent rumors circulating by some mass media, and the video tape broadcast by maverick “Islamic State”, or (ISIS), on our prisoners at Dakwa Hill, the Army of Islam states the following:

The (ISIS) in the besieged Eastern Ghouta has neither liberated any inch of this area nor taken part in any battle against the militias of al-Assad.

The men of Sharia at the Army of Islam has been working, since the very first days of Jihad, on disclosing the ideological deviation of the maverick ISIS. They also confirmed that the real Islamic faith has nothing to do with the ISIS, particularly revealing their evil tactics which lure mani naive people into embracing their false thoughts.

The Jaish of Islam, in collaboration with other factions in Damascus and its countryside, fought more than eleven battles to lift the siege imposed on the Ghouta and its population. They offered dear sacrifices, but couldn’t do so because of the great world conspiracy against the area and its population.

Undoubtedly, and for sure, we know that the gang of al-Baghdadi are the mavericks of our time who accuse the Moslems of being polytheists while they themselves doing nothing against the tyrants and murderers. Most of the leaders are mere hireling agents for world intelligence services which we know well. They seek to drive the thoughts of the youth of our nation towards astray ways, and push the campaign of Jihad in Bilad al-Sham towards extremism and Takfir and distort the image of our great religion.

While we reveal these facts to the Nation and its youth, we advice all of them to return to the Book of God and Sunna of our Prophet and the guidance of our predecessors, and refer to the scholars who disclosed the ISIS deviation, we promise Allah and the Nation to go on fighting those killer maverick who ere described by our Messenger as being the “dog of hell”. We vow them and their masters in Thehran to remove them from the bless Sham lands.

È il momento della processione dei condannati, simile a quella dei copti sulla spiaggia libiche. Chi conduce sono i miliziani anti-isis nelle loro tute da vittime arancioni mentre incappucciati e in catene sono i 18 mujahidin catturati. Qui il ribaltamento viene svelato.

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In questo punto si inserisce il discorso di uno dei boia:

All praise be to Allah who said in His Book “and whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to thin and follow other than the way of the believers – we will give him what he has taken and drive him into Hell, and evil it is as a destination.” Peace and blessing be on the Messenger who said that Khawarij are ” the dogs of hell”. We bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. The most serious calamity of our Jihad today is a group of people who grow at a time of divisions among Muslims. This group claimed to be the mother state and made takfir on other muslims, shed their blood, and looted their properties and dignities. They supported the enemy Shia and Nusayris, worsening the ordeal of Muslim by corrupting their religion and livelihood and killing the Jihadi leaders who did their best to help our stricken nation. They wreaked havoc on our pople in the liberated areas and cut the supply routes of Jihadists, supported the Assad regime in the name of Islam.

Allah did not make a disease without appointing a remedy for it whether we know it or not. This statement issued by the military leadership of Jaish Al-Islam on sentencing the death a group of those Khawarij mavericks. The statement come in accordance with an adjudication depending on the Book of Allah and the Sunna of the Prophet – Peace and blessing of God be upon him – and according to the understanding of our grate ancestors.

This is the penalty for what they have committed. We also call on their fellow to repent. Allah said: “Except for those who return [repenting] before you apprehend them. And know that Allah is forgiving and Merciful.”

Dopo aver passato in rassegna uno ad uno i prigionieri, la scena della fucilazione dura non più di un minuto. Il video pare essere stato realizzato nella regione dell’Est Goutha, non lontano da Damasco, in risposta alla decapitazione di tre militanti di Jaysh al-Islam che si è reso protagonista di una fitta offensiva contro ISIS.