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“Terror globalization” in New Year’s Eve: The Tokyo and Manchester attacks – by Maria Alvanou

New Year’s Eve was- as expected- a difficult time for security officials worldwide, trying to make sure that the festive celebrations would not be marred by a terror attack. Despite all efforts, two attacks, one in Japan and one in the UK took place and each of them is important for different reasons. Some first comments while the law enforcement research is ongoing are the following: Continue reading


Manchester and London attacks: remarks on the characteristics of the different methods used – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

After the recent Manchester and London attacks, a discussion has begun about the effectiveness of the different methods employed by Daesh. In the first case the hit was perpetrated by a suicide attacker and in the second case by 3 perpetrators using car ramming plus knife stabbing. In both terrorist incidents the social impact was severe and operational issues about countering measures started to be discussed. Continue reading