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Terrorismo, crimini d’odio, estremismo o…..? – by Barbara Lucini

Definire un fenomeno come terrorismo, crimine d’odio ed estremismo non è mai stato così difficile come in questi ultimi mesi, durante i quali molte incertezze interpretative e di comprensione sono diventate sempre più evidenti, mettendo in luce una necessità non dichiarata e molto sottostimata di nuove categorie interpretative per fenomeni mai così complessi. Continue reading


EU and counterterrorism measures: a medium and short term perspectives – by Marco Maiolino

When discussing about measures to counter the current terrorist threat, the application of a long term perspective results to be absolutely important and, within this temporal framework, the lasting stabilization of the MENA region and tools to fight against the radicalization phenomenon assume a fundamental character. Besides, strengthening the European Union (EU) unity in the face of the current global environment generally and the migration issue more specifically, in order to effectively engage the crisis through the implementation of coordinated common measures rather than precarious, messy and destabilizing individual stances, is also crucial.

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