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The role of local journalism between the need for security and new crises – by Giacomo Buoncompagni

Recent national and international emergencies, from pandemics to the recent floods, have repeatedly highlighted how the role of local information must be to synthesise the various social and cultural policies proposed by public bodies and the correct representation – the state of life of citizens in the territory – beyond national media logics, often based on speed and the spectacularisation of disasters.

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Ripensare la definizione di terrorismo – by Marco Lombardi

Il nuovo anno si avvia con alcuni eventi che ripropongono il terrorismo all’attenzione delle agenzie di sicurezza e dei media. Soprattutto, si tratta di eventi che reclamano una riflessione sulla minaccia specifica che è sempre consistente sul piano fattuale, fluida e pervasiva, ma bisognosa di una ridefinizione sul piano teorico e interpretativo. Quanto è successo in questi ultimi giorni è sotto gli occhi di tutti.

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Polish politics: a conservative revolution or post-democracy? – Marek Górka

Since 2015, legislative power in Poland has been held by Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS – Law and Justice), a conservative political party. The political environment led by Jarosław Kaczyński has set its sights on reforming the State thoroughly, being at the same time the absolute opposite of its greatest rival – Platforma Obywatelska (PO – Civic Platform), a liberal political party. It is worth mentioning that both of the political parties stem from the same place – Solidarity movement of 1980s. However, disagreements between those two political powers have been determining Polish politics since 2005. Continue reading