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Anarcho-capitalism and Ethno-nationalism in the Era of Decentralized Finance – by Daniele Maria Barone

As explained by the Christchurch shooter in his manifesto, the rejection of paying taxes is defined as “a sign of racial loyalty”. From this perspective, circumventing the tax system is depicted as a way to sustain the ethno-nationalist cause: a fight for a nation which is defined in terms of assumed blood ties and ethnicity.[i] Continue reading


Disordini sociali e fenomeni eversivi: 25 marzo 2017 a Roma e Milano – by Barbara Lucini

I media hanno già lanciato gli allarmi di possibili disordini e attentati sabato 25 Marzo a Roma per la commemorazione per i sessant’anni dei Trattati di Roma e a Milano per la visita di Papa Francesco e quella del Presidente Mattarella, quest’ultimo alla Scala per Toscanini.
In effetti sono entrambe situazioni potenzialmente esplosive.
Inoltre, gli eventi di oggi a Londra rendono dinamica e incerta una situazione di non facile gestione per la molteplicità dei profili di attacco a cui si presta. Continue reading


Ides of March: Parcel bombs and the Greek export of terrorism in Europe – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

March 15, 2017: a package with an explosive mechanism mailed from Greece and addressed to german minister Wolfgang Schäuble was detected by german authorities. The name of a prominent New Democracy (main opposition party) parliament member and ex-minister was written on the package as “sender”.  The anarchist-extremist organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” (CCF, in Greek: Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς, ΣΠΦ) claimed responsibility of the operation and while it did not yet issued a manifesto, it published the following short text in an antiestablishment website[1]: Continue reading