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Terrorist plot in Greece reported to be thwarted: first comments on operational questions – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

Greek law enforcement authorities have announced that they have dismantled a terror network planning to conduct attacks in Greece[1].  According to media reporting on the subject, 2 men of Pakistani origin have been arrested as part of a terror network whose head is also Pakistani organizing the criminal activities from Iran. Continue reading


DHKP-C suspects arrest in Athens: the dangerous terrorist organization and its implications for Greece – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

On Tuesday November 28 a big police operation took place in Athens resulting in the arrest of 9 suspected members of the notorious turkish terror group DHKP-C[1]. The operation took place in two areas in Athens and the findings inside the houses that were raided show serious equipment and materials that can be used for attacks[2] and reveal professionalism and planning. This police operation comes almost a week before the expected visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Greece[3] and it is the result of greek counter terrorism authorities’ research. Continue reading


Ides of March: Parcel bombs and the Greek export of terrorism in Europe – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

March 15, 2017: a package with an explosive mechanism mailed from Greece and addressed to german minister Wolfgang Schäuble was detected by german authorities. The name of a prominent New Democracy (main opposition party) parliament member and ex-minister was written on the package as “sender”.  The anarchist-extremist organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” (CCF, in Greek: Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς, ΣΠΦ) claimed responsibility of the operation and while it did not yet issued a manifesto, it published the following short text in an antiestablishment website[1]: Continue reading