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The institutional symmetry of an asymmetric conflict. A State – State rivalry throughout Daesh’s widespread storytelling – by Daniele M. Barone

To date, Daesh has been dismantled, deprived of credibility, and with no remaining strong leadership but still up and unpredictable. The latest release, a few days ago, of its first piece since January 2019 from foreign language media al-Hayat named “The People of Zeal and Bravery”[i], the inclusivity shown by the organization in the Sahel[ii], and the shift of the group’s online followers to decentralized chat rooms after the Referral Action Days operation by EUROPOL on Telegram[iii] it’s a warning on the uselessness of kinetic actions taken against the group. Continue reading


COVID-19, Stato Islamico, guerra ibrida: alcuni scenari – by Daniele Plebani

La pandemia di COVID-19 si è diffusa rapidamente in tutto il globo, investendo come fenomeno non solo i singoli ma anche le società cui questi appartengono. I gruppi terroristici non fanno eccezione: in particolare, le “nuove” contromisure adottate da Stato Islamico (IS) sembrano aver riscosso singolare attenzione da parte dei media sebbene non fossero in realtà né nuove (risalendo le prime note apparentemente già a gennaio) né certamente rivoluzionarie[1]. Continue reading


Terrorismo o non Terrorismo? La duplice definizione dello stesso fenomeno – Barbara Lucini

Fino ad ora l’attenzione verso lo studio e l’analisi delle dinamiche comunicative nel contesto di azioni terroristiche considerava la comunicazione, come strumento tipico del terrorismo e del terrorista, utile per essere consapevoli delle strategie utilizzate, comprendere e rintracciare segnali predittivi di fenomeni estremisti ed eversivi. Continue reading


Akbar al-Muslimin, Kybernetiq, and ZeroNet. The Modern and Privacy-Centric Electronic-Jihad – by Daniele Maria Barone

Years of clandestine communications, first through newspapers or radio and then by exploiting online tools and media as a sounding board, have highlighted Islamic terrorism peculiarity of adapting to new means of communication to make propaganda, raise money, and keep in contact with each others[i]. Continue reading


Event Safety and Security Risk Update: Stampedes, or Crowd Surge/Rush – By Peter Ashwin and Giovanni Pisapia

Panic and confusion erupted in Central Park on Saturday night (the 29th September 2018), after a loud noise frightened concertgoers at the Global Citizen Festival, with some people erroneously attributing the sound to gunshots. Witnesses described a near-stampede in some places, as people sprinted for cover, jumped fences and trampled one another. Some were in tears and called their loved ones, and others said they had lost items or gotten separated from their friends, according to social medial. But the police quickly refuted reports of a shooting, saying at first that the noise was from a fallen barrier, not gunshots” (Sarah Mervosh, 2018). Continue reading