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Earthquake in Turkey: natural disasters from a security perspective – by Maria Alvanou

The recent earthquake in Turkey has created a wave of international sympathy, with people sending help from countries all over the world. Greece, a country whose relations with Turkey have been characterized by longstanding (and recently escalating) tension, was one of the first to send help and this may better the situation between the two countries[1]. At the same time inside Turkey, everyday people but also celebrities are showing solidarity[2]. Continue reading


Terremoto Centro Italia fra una narrativa pseudo resiliente e una reale disaster economy – by Barbara Lucini

Il terremoto che ha colpito il centro Italia lo scorso mercoledì 24 Agosto, devastando interi paesi presenta una importante novità per la narrativa dei disastri, che ha il sapore di una azione resiliente molto studiata ed in linea con una attuale modalità comunicativa istituzionale: l’enfasi posta sulle persone estratte vive dalle macerie. Continue reading