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Islamic State Blitzkrieg Propaganda – by F. Borgonovo, G. Porrino & S.R. Lucini

The recent Hamas attack has brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back into the international spotlight, and this has awakened the communication of the main jihadist groups. With al-Qa’ida supporting Hamas and its actions, a statement on the attack by the Islamic State was expected. On 20th October, through the publication of the 413th issue of al-Naba, an official newspaper issued by the Central Media Office of the Islamic State, IS expressed its position.

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War and peace in the global village. Second half – by Giacomo Buoncompagni*

Shortly after the clashes in Ukraine, the apparently silent Israeli-Palestinian conflict reignited, at least in the Western media. A few months later, more blood, death and hostages between polarised information and a desperate plea for peace. Diversity has historically been a potential source of friction and misunderstanding.

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Effetto Hamas: l’attacco a Israele e la nuova utopia radicale – by Sara Brzuszkiewicz

Nuovi allarmi bomba nelle scuole francesi, a tre anni di distanza dalla decapitazione di Samuel Paty, il professore che il 16 ottobre 2020 venne ucciso da Abdoullakh Abouyezidovich Anzorov, diciottenne ceceno rifugiato in Francia, dopo una campagna online contro il docente, colpevole di aver mostrato alcune vignette di Charlie Hebdo ritraenti il profeta Muhammad.

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Hamas attack in Israel: European security perspectives – by Maria Chr. Alvanou

As the world is watching Hamas attacking Israel in an unprecedent violent terrorist campaign within its borders, it is important to understand that the situation is also a security crisis from a European perspective. The following points show why Hamas actions are dangerous for European security and parameters that need attention in order to prevent and manage the threat created:

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Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem Call for Bitcoin to “Equip a Fighter” in Gaza – by Daniele M. Barone

On May 7, for the third consecutive year, a renewed bitcoin crowdfunding campaign surfaced on al-Raya foundation’s Telegram channel, the media outlet of the Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem, a pro-al Qaeda jihadist organization operating in the Gaza Strip.[i] Continue reading