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Hagia Sophia: Security aspects and repercussions – by Maria Chr. Alvanou 

While the international discussion about the reasons Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque is mostly about his political domestic strategy (e.g. rallying his followers, making up for a collapsing economy etc), there are also significant security issues to be taken into account. Continue reading


Attack at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul: a first comment (Attacco a Istanbul) – by Maria. Chr. Alvanou

The double suicide attack tonight at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul came unfortunately as no surprise to those dealing with the assessment of terrorist threats. For months now governments all over the world have put a raised travel advisory on Turkey, because of recent attacks in Istanbul and Ankara. It is a tragedy expected in the campaign of terror that has started for some time now in the country. Continue reading


Nuove minacce a Istanbul da IS: “i pizzini malesi” – by Marco Lombardi

Scrivevamo, il 29 giugno 2015, dell’uscita di “Kostantiniyye” (“Costantinopoli”): il primo magazine di IS dedicato a fare proselitismo e penetrazione in Turchia: 46 pagine realizzate nel formato e nello stile di Dabiq, apparse il 29 maggio 2015. (Si veda qui il nostro commento).  E’ interessante rilevare che il 2 agosto 2015, su un forum in lingua malese, compare questa fotografia: Continue reading