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A Brief Review of the Current Public Safety Homicide Crisis in Major US Cities – by Giovanni Pisapia

Some major US cities have recorded staggering increases in homicides in the first six months of 2020, if compared with the same period in 2019: some increases range from 25% (Philadelphia) to 85% (Minneapolis). This trend is bringing to light a public safety crisis, revealed by a long-term increase in the number of gang-related recorded shootings and reduction of proactive-policing. Continue reading


The Charlotte social unrest violence: Why islamist terrorism is not the sole security threat – By Maria Alvanou

Since the attack of September 11, the U.S. took the lead in the struggle against terrorism. They did so dealing with it in the context of “war against enemies of the nation”, so that american citizens are protected from “external” threats that challenge the security of the country. This line of response set standards (legal, military, and police) that affected counterterrorism strategy globally. Yet it is not terrorist attacks, but social unrest violence that has been challenging seriously and repeatedly the domestic security of the country. Killings of members of the African American community by the police, as well as more generally the phenomenon of police brutality in relation to racial prejudice[1] have been the background for serious protests, violent riots, even “revenge shootings”[2]. Continue reading