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Pakistani women and jihad: a new dangerous trend – by Maria Alvanou

Pakistani women and jihad: a new dangerous trend by Maria Alvanou – The recent suicide attack and bombing against the return of Benazir Bhutto have brought Pakistan in the spotlight. Unfortunately this tragic incident highlights the radicalization process taking place in the country. What is quite surprisingly is that the jihadi socialization mechanisms have started to include women too. Radicalized women in Pakistan are increasingly being used by jihadist groups to promote their extremist cause. This year, women from the Jamia Hafsa seminary wearing burqas protested in front of the Lal Masjid (the “Red Mosque”, known for training and funding the holy warriors of the Afghan jihad), seem to be the off start of an alarming and dangerous trend.

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Il Sesto Anniversario del Nine Eleven e il ritorno di Osama Bin Laden? – by Marco Lombardi

Come ci si poteva aspettare la campagna mediatica per il Sesto Anniversario del Nine Eleven è puntualmente cominciata: un trailer di annuncio del video prossimo proprio con Osama starring (trailer che viene diffuso dai media occidentali per la consueta pubblicità); il video di 26 minuti e 27 secondi intitolato “The Solution” per il 7 settembre e, ancora oggi 11 settembre, un nuovo regalo di Osama, che ci partecipa il testamento di uno dei kamikaze al WTC: tal Abi Masa’ab Walid al Shahri.

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Attacchi a Londra, Glasgow e Marib – by Marco Lombardi

Londra, Glasgow, Marib: gli ultimi giorni di giugno e i primi di luglio 2007 sono resi drammatici e tragici da alcuni attacchi terroristici sventati, riusciti parzialmente e riusciti come previsto. Che cosa sta accadendo? ITSTIME – Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues & Managing Emergencies, che in Università Cattolica studia il terrorismo, propone una lettura che sembra confermare le analisi condotte in questi anni.

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Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers – by Maria Alvanou

Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers: The Interplaying Effects of Islam, Nationalism and Honour Culture a new paper by Maria Alvanou, published for the Strategic Research and Policy Centre, National Defence College, IDF – Tel Aviv. In the context of wars and conflicts, women have tended to be classified within the single category “women and children”, as the “vulnerable” victims who suffer under violence with no means of defence. But women are not necessarily always vulnerable and on the contrary they have been actively engaging in many armed conflicts around the world, playing their own part in warring throughout history.

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The right to compensation for victims of terrorist attacks in italian legislation – by Maria Alvanou

Since the ‘80s and onwards, the crime victim received particular attention in criminal policy and subsequently also in criminal legislation. This led to legislation protective regarding possible adverse impacts of criminal proceedings and supportive regarding compensation of material and immaterial losses caused. During the ‘70s, terrorism- then found mostly in the form of national, separatist and political terrorism- started to trouble European countries. The policy response was more or less restricted to tailoring police and criminal procedure laws to the new demands placed on law enforcement. It was only after the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 with its devastating consequences for civil society and the extreme toll on human lives, that more attention has been devoted to the question of how victims of terrorist attacks can be better accommodated. This process has been accelerated by the terrorist acts in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005.

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