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The Charlotte social unrest violence: Why islamist terrorism is not the sole security threat – By Maria Alvanou

Since the attack of September 11, the U.S. took the lead in the struggle against terrorism. They did so dealing with it in the context of “war against enemies of the nation”, so that american citizens are protected from “external” threats that challenge the security of the country. This line of response set standards (legal, military, and police) that affected counterterrorism strategy globally. Yet it is not terrorist attacks, but social unrest violence that has been challenging seriously and repeatedly the domestic security of the country. Killings of members of the African American community by the police, as well as more generally the phenomenon of police brutality in relation to racial prejudice[1] have been the background for serious protests, violent riots, even “revenge shootings”[2]. Continue reading


September 11, 2016: Are we safer today? – By Maria Chr. Alvanou

It was 15 years ago, since terrorism shaped global history and turned international terrorism into the number 1 security threat. The infamous attack remains a symbol of jihadist atrocity and a reminder of how even the mightiest military power on earth can be vulnerable. “Al –Qaeda” became a name to fear, perceived as the Lernean Hydra of terrorism, especially because it waged global jihad as an “umbrella network”, under which off-springs, cells and individuals could perpetrate attacks in a flexible way and without the conventional structural and operational limitations of the past. Continue reading


Daesh è arrivato a San Bernardino?…forse non importa – by Alessandro Burato

14 morti e 17 feriti è il bilancio della sparatoria avvenuta mercoledì 2 dicembre a San Bernardino. La questione dei motivi che hanno portato Syed Farook, 28 anni e Tashfeen Malik, 27, a compierla è ancora aperta. Si stanno battendo tutte le piste: dalla vendetta, a un vero e proprio atto di terrorismo e ad una via di compromesso tra le due. La volontà di Syed di sfogare la sua insoddisfazione sul luogo di lavoro, forse in concomitanza allo sviluppo di un processo di radicalizzazione, lo avrebbe portato, insieme alla sua compagna, ad irrompere nelle struttura sparando a raffica e piazzando esplosivi che sono rimasti inesplosi. Continue reading


Ebola? Put a tick – by AlessandroBurato

A man goes to the hospital saying he is not feeling very well. Medical staff, due to the international health alarming situation is trained to fill a pre-assessment checklist in which information about recent travel itineraries has to be reported. The man says to the nurse he has just come back from a journey in West Africa, in particular from Liberia. A tick is placed in the provided box. However, that information is not fully communicated to the doctor who, after a diagnosis of low-grade fever from a viral infection, sends the patient home with antibiotics. After three days the man is hospitalized in the isolation room with a completely different diagnosis: Ebola.

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