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Europol – Internet Organized Cyber Crime Threat Assessment 2018: new trends in the obscure sides of FinTech – by Daniele Maria Barone

The latest report of Europol on Internet Organized Cyber Crime (IOCTA 2018)[i] stresses, among other issues, the weak points that modern financial tools and a lack of either an up-to-date legal framework or cooperation among institutions and the private sector, brings to the cybercrime field. Continue reading


Terrorist attack first aid training for citizen: part of a well-rounded counter-terrorism strategy – by Maria Alvanou

UK newspaper ‘Independent’ has revealed in an exclusive article a UK program designed to give people knowledge on how to provide first aid to victims of terror operations[1]. The need for such a program was already a topic for discussion in the British society[2] and even the British Red Cross had issued some guidelines for citizens prior, during and after a terrorist attack[3]. Continue reading


9/11 remembrance: research reflections for security – by Maria Alvanou

The first years after the 9/11 attack were used to wage war against Al Qaeda in what seemed to be a US affair. Soon it became evident that Europe was also under threat and while european countries never adopted a direct, clear military approach to countering terrorism, they did take measures and adopted polices that challenged longstanding principles of human rights and liberties. Continue reading


Cyber Jihad and Terrorism Financing: New Methods – Old Rules – by Daniele Maria Barone

On July this year, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published a report addressed to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors, summarizing the latest development in anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing (TF) and drawing a short term work program in these fields[i]. Continue reading


Verso un nuovo Stato Islamico? La recente riorganizzazione del “califfato” in tre direttrici – by Daniele Plebani

Alcune iniziative messe in atto da Stato Islamico nelle ultime settimane potrebbero indicare l’alba di una nuova fase per il gruppo terroristico. Tre episodi in particolare sembrano suggerire una riorganizzazione generale in atto nel “califfato”: Continue reading


3D printed guns: From “state to art” to “diy” terrorist and criminal mentality – by Maria Alvanou

In 2015, Hong Kong authorities arrested members of a terrorist group planning to attack the city. The big news was that they allegedly tried to modify airsoft guns with a 3D printer[1]. Today, of the most circulating news regards the ban by an american federal judge on sharing gun blue prints on the web[2]. Continue reading


Terrorismo Biologico: strategia comunicativa o reale minaccia? – by Nicolò Spagna

Il gruppo autonomo Abdullah al-Faqeer ideologicamente affiliato al califfato ha iniziato la diffusione di materiale propagandistico su Telegram che persegue il filone narrativo del bio-terrorismo. Il video diffuso nell’ultima settimana invita i supporter del califfato in tutto il mondo a sostenere la jihad adottando una nuova arma: le epidemie. Continue reading