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Terrorismo in Afghanistan: Talebani e non solo – by Franco Iacch

Una forza di reazione rapida composta da tre battaglioni statunitensi (due del Corpo dei Marine e uno dell’Esercito), e due contingenti canadesi (150/300 soldati) ed inglesi (600/800 unità) delle forze speciali, sarà schierata presso l’aeroporto internazionale di Hamid Karzai a protezione dell’evacuazione del personale diplomatico e civile statunitense presente ancora a Kabul. Continue reading


US multiagency operation dismantled part of al-Qaeda’s cryptocurrency network. What we learned so far and what to expect – by Daniele M. Barone

On August 13, the US Department of Justice announced that the US government, through a multiagency effort, seized about $2 million in Bitcoin from accounts connected to Al Qaeda, Daesh, and the al-Qassam Brigades (i.e. Hamas’s paramilitary arm) and disrupted their terrorism financing cryptocurrency networks. Continue reading


Threat Assessment for Sensitive Buildings against Terrorism in urban environments – by Tiziano Li Piani

The built heritage of European cities is exposed to various hazards of different nature – natural events such as floods or earthquakes but also man-made threats. The escalation of terrorist attacks conducted in urban environments against soft targets necessitates the development of guidelines for the antiterrorism design of buildings and public spaces. Continue reading


Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem Call for Bitcoin to “Equip a Fighter” in Gaza – by Daniele M. Barone

On May 7, for the third consecutive year, a renewed bitcoin crowdfunding campaign surfaced on al-Raya foundation’s Telegram channel, the media outlet of the Salafi Army of the Nation in Jerusalem, a pro-al Qaeda jihadist organization operating in the Gaza Strip.[i] Continue reading